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1299 M89, Plainwell, Michigan

This 3100 square foot commercial property is located on heavily trafficked M89 less than a mile from US 131.  It is directly across the street from Wal-Mart and next door to a Comerica Bank.  Divided into two professional suites, one 1300 sq. ft and the other 1800 sq. ft., there is a full basement on each side and both front and rear parking.  Dental clinics occupy both suites and the tenants are likely to remain due to high visibility and significant leasehold investments.   There is a large internally lighted roadside sign.  Property management is available.


 New Opportunities

We are always interested in investor-quality rental properties.  For multifamily housing the minimum number of units we normally will consider is six (6).  For other types of commercial property we are looking for fully leased quality locations with rental income adequate to cover mortgage costs and property management.  If you have such a property or know of one please

e-mail us or FAX (269-321-0944) us the details.


For more information go to the 'Links' page and click on the Crossoak Family Dentistry, PC link

                                   "Crossoak Family Dentistry, PC":

Lighted Highway Sign

Suite # 1 (1800 sq. ft)

Suite # 2 (1300 sq. ft)

Rear Parking Area

Across the Street From WalMart